Corona Coding Camp: Day 1

Today I found myself sitting in a classroom with a nametag on my own private desk, designating it as such. And guess what the desk comes with?

It’s own private bottle of hand sanitizer.

Today is the first day of a 6-month coding boot camp at Coder Academy (Sydney, Australia). It is with dubious certainty that I embark on this journey. Until two months ago I’d never touched a single piece of code in my life. It was only after COVID hit and I found myself wanting a change of career to a remote-friendly, still-in-demand job that a friend recommended I try coding.

I tried my first programming language (Python) on a beginner-friendly website ( and found it fun and engaging. Researching further, I found this course that boasts of a fast pace, intense boot camp style of teaching that takes you from zero to hero in 6 months and I was on board.

With the weeks leading up to it though, I began to have more and more doubts. How would it be delivered in these troubling times? I know the academy— along with everyone else I believe — have been forced to adapt their teaching methodology for a virtual experience. Would I be the same? Could you even do a boot camp style course in a virtual classroom? But last week the announcement came: 3 days a week face to face, 2 days a week online.

So in the classroom (one of 3 with mine holding 16 students — sorry, not students, new developers), I sit. As we go through the standard day one meet and greet I wonder:

Where will I be 6 months from now?



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