Corona Coding Camp: Day 2

I opted for the earlier train this morning, hoping to snag the classroom I was in yesterday. Alas, it was not to be. By the time I had arrived all the seats had already been claimed. So I got to experience the joy of ‘hologram classroom’ for the first time.

Having been in the classroom with the main instructor talking into the webcam yesterday, being on the receiving end of that call was a completely different experience. It worked alright with a microphone hooked up to catch anyone speaking in the classroom and relay back to the other room. It was certainly far from the best though.

The supplemental discord channel is an arguably better system where we could type questions and have them answered in chat or in the conference call.

None of that matters though. Today we finally opened up our computers and started writing code. We learnt the basics of the terminal control and played around with bash. Having done the prework it was more of a review for me but there were some new commands and more importantly, in-jokes (man man anyone?) to pick up.

The fun was slightly dampened by a message I received midday from my mother. It was a link to an article about Sydney being declared a hot spot for Corona yesterday evening. The academy being directly in the centre of the new zone leaves me a little worried about how the bootcamp will be affected by this news.

I guess we’ll see how they respond to my email querying it.



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