Zombie Slayer - Corona Coding Camp Week 1

As I look back on the week, I realise I’ve been so busy I’ve forgotten to keep up with my daily writing. Let’s correct that now with a recap of what happened:

  • One day of face to face classes
  • Two days of online instruction
  • Time travel
  • Saving frogs
  • Slaying zombies

Starting chronologically, Wednesday’s class was a heavy hitter introduction to all things github. What github is, why it’s superior to school-naming practices of ‘absolutely final final assignment’ and how to use it. Including, of course the time travel — without a head. Going back through the repositories of your uploads and looking around.

And then came the online section of the week. Far from being an online class, it was more dedicated to providing us with the opportunity to do some practical exercises while having access to the educators via discord. It is an interesting setup for instruction and worked fairly well — I certainly asked all the questions anyway.

Part of the work to be done was reviewing new content in video format. The activity exercise for the flexbox content involved an instructional game to move frogs to their lillypads at https://flexboxfroggy.com/.

Although the real winner was Harry’s recommendation of https://mastery.games/flexboxzombies the game where you slay zombies while learning how to position flexbox. It’s great fun and I wish there was more coding games like this.

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